Why the Voice Artist Is Vital to Animated Video Productions

Why the Voice Artist is Vital to Animated Video

Sure, you can have an animated video that’s just music over images. But the vast majority of animated videos have at least some narration or dialogue. To make your video stands out, hire one or more quality voice artists to deliver these lines. Voice actors are a valuable part of creating your project’s unique voice and aesthetic, and they can take a good (or even mediocre) video and make it something extraordinary.

Providing Narration

If your video has narration running over its images, your voice actor will provide that narration. A good voice actor will seem warm and knowledgeable, and their presentation will be interesting enough to keep the viewer’s attention. But they shouldn’t stand out: Their delivery won’t draw attention to itself or be distracting, so viewers can focus on the information being presented.

Voicing Characters

Videos that have characters will need a voice actor’s touch to fully bring the characters to life. The writer provides the character with their words, and artists and animators provide a character’s physicality, but the voice actor is the team member who provides the character with extra personality.

Interpreting the Script

The script your writer provides you with is useful, but it’s not everything. A lot of the lines’ meaning comes from the voice actor, with the director’s help. A good voice actor will read a script carefully and go through several practice rounds before recording the final take in the booth, and part of that rehearsal process involves figuring out exactly what emotion goes behind the words. Even a slight change in delivery can radically change the meaning of a line, or even a whole scene.

If your animated video has any kind of narration or if there’s any dialogue, then a voice actor is a valuable part of the animation team. They take the script and characters given to them by writers and animators, and bring their characterization to the next level. And for narrated videos, they’re the friendly, helpful, informed voice that dispenses information to the audience. Choosing the right voice actor for your project may involve hard decisions and lots of auditions, but it’s critical to ensuring your viewers get the impression you want.

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