Why the Writer Is Vital to Animated Video Productions

Why the Writer is Vital to Animated Video

Cartoon characters often seem uninhibited and spontaneous, but in reality, it takes careful planning to put together an animated video. Writers are key to this process.

Whether it’s a brief instructional film or a full-length movie, a writer must come up with the story, the setting and the personalities. With the intended audience in mind, this person sets the tone for the entire piece.

Imagining a World

People who pen an animated video first develop a basic premise. From there, they figure out how the piece progresses and what each scene entails. Finally, they transcribe a detailed script. Some writers are generally happy with their first drafts; others revise their work numerous times.

A good place to begin is to envision a character or a group of characters that you’d want to watch. Let your mind flow freely, and try to be as original as possible. What kind of place do these figures inhabit? What are the distinguishing characteristics of their personalities, appearances and movements? What do you suppose their back stories are like?

Writers often spend long periods of time generating ideas, acting them out and bouncing them off people they know to see which get strong reactions.

Script Structure

Animated video scripts usually have two parts. One section describes the shots, the special effects and the action in great detail, and it might include instructions for the editor. The other part reads like a play and contains all the lines of dialogue. Those halves often appear side by side on the page.

If you’re writing a promotional animated video for a company, you could try to highlight a particular problem and then show the audience a way of solving it. Of course, you can’t go into too much detail in a short film. That’s why such a video should conclude with a call to action, which will direct viewers to a website, a social media page or another source of information.

In the end, it’s the video’s story and characters that people relate to. As the geniuses at Pixar Animation Studios will tell you, the most impressive cinematic technologies can’t save an inadequate story. Of course, those stories originate within the active, fertile and unique minds of writers.

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