You’ve heard Line6 with Van Morrison, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Living Color, Shania Twain and many others. Line 6 delivers innovative, out-of-the-box technology to musicians to help their art “sound its best”. As industry leaders in new technology, their focus is on simplifying the artist’s process while delivering the best quality sound. They came to Rip Media Group during the launch of their new product Amplifi – the industry’s only full-range guitar amp with built in speakers.

Line 6 needed multiple lifestyle videos, images, and graphics created for their website & branding packages which captured the music culture… Essentially the brand has to be hip(ster), modern and ultra-cool, while displaying the product in action. The team at Rip Media Group organized a photo shoot with models, music & media, which produced gorgeous images used all over Line 6’s website and events.

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