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Video marketing lesson from the NBA

Rip Media Group is an integrated marketing agency in Los Angeles that specializes in video production, and promoting brands online. Our weekly blogs update our clients about industry trends, and events that may be of use your brand.

The world of

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Video Production and the Mobile Internet

One of our newest clients is a film festival with thousands of film fans.  After a quick analysis, we found thousands were swarming the site for information from their phones, at the event.

We quickly built mobile landing pages, and, having

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RipMedia ongoing project blog: on Tumblr

RipMedia has decided to start a current project post to share some of our current fun projects…You can keep an eye on us as we go through the process and:

Plan it.

Produce it.

Promote it.


Enjoy your weekend all!



Marketing with QR codes

Our new business cards, as well as contact page on our RipMedia Group website are about to be released with our new slogan in two weeks. Each will be utilizing QR codes.

As part of the interactive agency, we are helping

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Ways Google+ Will Drive Social Video Growth

This was a wonderful article we wanted to credit, and share with you.

Chris Schreiber is director of marketing at social video advertising company Sharethrough. Before joining Sharethrough, Chris worked in the Global Communications and Public Affairs Department for Google, helping

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