Too Much Knowledge Can Hurt (And Ruin Your Video Marketing)

cash-out curse_video marketing

As curses go, the “curse of too much knowledge” isn’t a bad one to have.

You could be plagued with “spitting venom” or “growing warts out of your eyeballs.”

But too much knowledge could be a bad thing when it comes to creating anything from an elevator pitch, a marketing deck, or YES, VIDEOS for your company.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to know a lot about your product or service and it’s important to know a lot about your industry.

But not all of that should go into your video. When you know too much, you tend to want to spew it all into a 60 second video. Not gonna happen. And if it does, not gonna get watched.

Think “broad strokes,” “high level view”, “elevator pitch”, “what would be watchable.” Your video should be a sales TOOL not a salesMAN. You want to draw people in, entice them, lure them… then when they nibble, you hit ‘em with the $50 words that delve into the minutiae.

You need to remember what it’s like to see this information for the FIRST TIME.

For the video, your message should be developed from the answers of these three questions:
– Who am I speaking to?
– What do I want them to know?
– What do I want them to do?

Check out this video for more guidance.

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