Website Development for the Network of Executive Women

Network of Executive Women

We love our clients in our small world of corporate video production, but we especially appreciate when one of them has a worthy cause to rally behind. Check out more about this amazing organization in today’s blog!

The Network of Executive Women (NEW) is an organization with the goal to create better career strategies for all women, with a focus in the retail and consumer goods industries. Members from NEW strive for greater opportunities, authenticity and flexibility in a womans work environment. Now, NEW is creating a unique model for a workplace transformation through the launch of their “It’s Time” campaign.

NEW contacted Rip Media Group to develop a website based around their “It’s Time” movement within a limited timeframe. We ended up creating a gorgeous action website for them in just five days! The look and feel is futuristic and modern, yet still welcoming, with a strong call to action integrated throughout.

We really enjoyed working with this team and are looking forward to creating a corporate video production with them shortly!

If you’d like to visit their website and sign their manifesto, click here: