3 Tips for a Successful Explainer Video

Kids Viewing Explainer Video

One of the most common types of video requested by clients of Rip Media Group is an explainer video. This is a video that explains a basic topic, such as a company’s mission statement or the purpose of a Kickstarter campaign, to a new audience.

So, how can clients make sure an explainer video is worth the time and money they spend on it? Read on to discover three vital tips on how to create an explainer video that’s a huge hit.

1. Consider the Audience

It’s the primary rule of marketing: always consider the audience. Ask questions like:

  •          How much knowledge does your audience already have about the company or product?
  •          What does your audience want?
  •          How old is your audience?
  •          How formal or informal is your audience?

When a company misjudges its audience, it will create a video that looks or feels wrong. It’ll be ignored at best or mocked on social media at worst. But, when a company understands its audience and pitches to its wants, it will create an engaging, memorable video.

2. Get to the Point

An explainer video doesn’t have to explain everything. It only needs to get the most important information across. Experts differ as to when an audience will stop watching a video, but the general consensus is:the shorter, the better.

When our clients are putting together an explainer video, we always advise them to make a short list of everything they want the video to communicate. From there, we work with them to create a script that will convey that information as quickly and simply as possible. If there’s more information to relay, we can do that in subsequent videos or via website copy.

3. Tell a Story

Video is a powerful medium because it allows companies to tell stories in ways that are more compelling than print or other media. As the story unfolds, customers and clients discover new information.

A good explainer video uses video’s unique power to the fullest. Every aspect of the video — its animation, art, script and voice acting — serves to further the story and share information about the company’s brand.

It’s easy to get bogged down in making your explainer video. We always advise that clients keep their audience in mind, focus on communicating essential information, and work to craft a unique story.

At Rip Media Group, we create exceptional explainer videos for our clients, and we will do so for you, too.

Remember, your story starts here!