3 Ways to Use an Explainer Video

Ways to Use an Explainer Video

Have you ever visited a company’s website only to be left unsure what they do? I recently visited a website for a company that I thought resurfaced the inside of concrete pools. I looked around on the website for a few minutes, trying to see if they could help me. The website listed different finishes and some general information.

I gave up and finally called them. Turns out they only resurface pool decks and patios, which isn’t what I needed. This company could use an explainer video that clarified what services they offer. I’m sure they would receive fewer unrelated calls if they did.

Tell Customers What You Do

Explainer videos are often used on the homepage of a company’s website. They are short and engaging videos that provide an overview of what a particular company does. In the case of the pool deck resurfacing company, a short explainer video could have quickly shown prospective customers what resurfacing the company does. Maybe I would have watched the explainer video and realized that I’d like my patio resurfaced too after seeing what the company could do.

Answer Common Questions

Think about the questions do customers ask you over and over again. You might have a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website that provides some brief answers. If you want a more engaging way to answer common customer questions, you can use an explainer video to provide information customers frequently want. Consider using an explainer video to discuss your company’s service commitment or warranty policy, as most customers have concerns about how their purchase is protected.

Demonstrate Your Position

Your business offers a different service than even close competitors do. You might be known for your stellar customer service or your diverse range of products. Use an explainer video to quickly show off your position in the market. For example, two web development companies may create websites for their clients. However, one might also offer written content while another is known for using lesser known programming languages that offer more security. Both companies appeal to different customers. An explainer video works well to demonstrate these differences.

If your company doesn’t currently have an explainer video on your website, it might be time to invest in one. You can easily let customers know what services or goods you do offer and answer their questions. And remember, we’re always here to help, your story starts here!