Explainer Videos Explained: How These Clips Can Work Marketing Wonders

Explainer Videos Explained

So many people lack the time or desire to read online articles. However, they’d be happy to view videos. Thus, to convey the benefits of your products or services, I’m sure that no tools are more effective than our explainer videos.

What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are typically animated, and their running times rarely exceed three minutes. In fact, after a minute, many people will stop watching an online video. For that reason, your explainer videos should only present the most compelling facts about a certain topic.

I believe that every frame of these videos should provide information. At the same time, they’re often funny. They frequently feature a character who’s experiencing, in an exaggerated way, a problem that potential customers are dealing with.

Also, explainer videos are especially helpful in terms of delivering complicated mathematical and scientific details to laypeople.

What Are the Benefits of Explainer Videos?

Search engine algorithms favor web pages with multiple videos. When you post videos on your website, therefore, it’s liable to rank much higher on search engine results pages. As a result of that SEO boost, many more potential candidates and clients will make their way to your site.

Videos are also valuable as they involve more than one sense. Because we see and hear them, we usually remember their content better than if we just read the same material.

What Should You Do With Your Explainer Videos?

You should place at least one of your explainer videos on your homepage, and you can post more on other website pages and on your social media accounts.

Most likely, your main explainer video will offer an overview of your business and its functions. Others can detail specific products and services. Occasionally, you might put up one that’s temporary ― for example, a clip that talks about a piece of merchandise that’s available for a limited time only.

In all of this, the making of explainer videos is best left to proven professionals, people with the talent to create original animation and the storytelling finesse to make the most mundane facts captivating. We’re just such pros. After we’ve made explainer videos for you, people won’t leave your website because they don’t feel like reading text. Remember, your story starts here!