From Home Movies to Explainer Videos, Facebook’s All-Video Future Will Change Everything (Part 3)

Explainer Videos

In the first two parts of this series, we looked at Nicola Mendelsohn’s recent prediction. At a June 2016 conference in London, this Facebook executive forecasted that all the website’s posts would be videos in five years.

This notion raises at least two major questions. First, how should consumers prepare for an all-video Facebook? Second, how should companies alter their strategies in terms of the explainer videos and other clips they post online?

Consumers: Enjoy the Clips, but Keep Your Wits

Many consumers will have to study time management skills to get ready for the crushing onslaught of online videos. As we all know from experience, it’s easy to lose track of hours spent hopping from one video to another. We’ll have to keep reminding ourselves to search Facebook carefully and purposefully for information that’s useful to our lives.

As videos become more immersive and interactive, it’ll be more important than ever to teach our children to tell the difference between valuable info and advertising spin. In fact, elementary schools should probably start reviewing techniques for evaluating internet videos and the claims they make.

Businesses: When Videos Are Top Priorities

Nowadays, the making of marketing videos is often relegated to one department within a company. That situation probably won’t last long. Soon, everyone within an organization will likely take part in filmmaking, and every major business school will offer classes in producing videos.

With that in mind, businesses should make video skills part of their hiring criteria. Those abilities will surely become focal points of resumes, reference letters and LinkedIn pages.

Moreover, businesses should have at their disposal a suite of video analytics tools. That way, they can track how many people are consuming their clips, and they can collect viewers’ demographic data. Someday, managers and corporate boards will likely study those analytics reports as meticulously as they examine earnings reports.

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