The Most Important Reasons For Using Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos for Video Marketing

You’ve probably watched a multitude of explainer videos, without realizing it. Let me explain (pun intended!). Explainer videos are videos in which companies explain and demonstrate how one of their products, services or processes works. They can both make things easier for consumers and encourage potential customers to buy. If your business isn’t using explainer videos yet, you should be. The greatest reasons for using explainer videos are listed below.

They Increase Conversion Rates

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of any business is to make sales. One of the best benefits of explainer videos is that they have been shown to encourage people to buy. According to studies about explainer videos, using these types of videos can help increase a company’s conversion rate by 20 percent. By showing people what it will be like to be a customer of your company — and displaying how they will use or do what you offer — you can effectively convince them to buy.

They Help You Go Viral

It can be hard to make your website content go viral — shared on the internet via email and social media — without your own promotion efforts. By creating explainer videos, your content is more likely to get shared from one person to another, and this is a cost-effective marketing tactic. Surveys show that 73 percent of marketers believe that video positively impacts their marketing ROI.

They Make for Happy Customers

A happy customer is a returning one, and a potential ambassador for your brand, bringing in new customers via word-of-mouth. When you explicitly and clearly show customers how to use your products or services, you make it easy for them, and they can enjoy what you have to offer. Using explainer videos is a great way to increase consumer happiness which leads to repeat business and even new consumers.

If you want to use explainer videos to help grow your business or increase awareness, we can help! Whether your video is animated, live action or something in between, we are sure of one thing — your story starts here!