Make the Summer Slowdown Work for You

Make the Summer Slowdown Work for You

You may have noticed summer is a notoriously slow season for many industries. People are out and enjoying the warm weather and paying less attention to their electronics. Many people spend less time watching videos and on social media. This may seem like a negative consequence of the season for many business owners, but you can make this work to your advantage by using this time to prepare for a stellar fall and winter.

Getting Ready for Fall

More people watch TV and videos during the fall season — the weather is growing colder and the days shorter, making it less inviting to be outside. They are also preparing for the coming holidays. This makes it the perfect time to get your most powerful advertising messages out there. Producing the best explainer videos possible while trying to manage your advertising can be a bit overwhelming, though. This is why it’s great to take advantage of the “summer slump” to put ideas on paper (and ultimately video) and get everything squared away. Good videos take time to produce, so having a slower season to prepare allows you to have an overall more successful fall and winter.

Prepping your Campaign

Not only is the summer a great time to get your ideas in order, it is also the perfect time to bring those ideas to life, by prepping your ad campaign.  A good campaign isn’t born overnight, it needs to marinate.  Just like a good steak, the best campaigns have been soaked to maximize the marriage of the idea with the brand. Take advantage of the summer marketing slowdown and prep your marinade.  By the time your campaign is ready to roll out, it will be consistent in flavor and approach.

A Wide World of Options

Start out small your first summer with one or two truly great explainer videos. To do so, you need to partner with a production company capable of understanding your ideas, branding, and campaign.  Beat the summer slump by entrusting us with your explainer, corporate, or animated video.  We can’t wait to work alongside your team to launch your product or business in the right season.  Rip Media Group, your story starts here!