What Makes a Great Explainer Video?

Explainer Video

Explainer videos have reached new levels of popularity lately, especially in the light of their power to persuade and inform potential customers online in a relatively short period of time. And when we say popular, we mean high school prom queen popular. If that helps. Online marketing can be done in a variety of ways, including content marketing of blogs and text, but nothing is as powerful in the minds of viewers as the explainer video.

But how do you get your videos to stand out among the rest with so many others using the techniques as well nowadays? How do you make your video work for you? What is the difference between a good explainer and a great one?

Here are a few techniques that are present in any great explainer video:


Great explainer videos tend to get to the point faster. William Shakespeare, perhaps the greatest storyteller of all times once said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” This applies to modern day content marketing as well! A good video says what people need to hear in a short time (around 2-3 minutes). This is what people are waiting for, and it might take them several minutes to find it in text. But a video gets it said in less time so they can take action.


Just like children, we need to hear a good ending. Animations, which can be put into explainer videos, will entertain people, while also informing them in ways that they respond to and want to share. That is the power of storytelling in video marketing.


Creativity is not accomplished by following rigid rules. It is about daring to break the rules when it makes better sense to do so! Breaking tradition and structure for the sake of a great final output. Creative people don’t always follow rules (think Steve Jobs). Dare to be different and you will often come up with something truly amazing.


In every great explainer video is the ultimate call to action. You must ask the viewer to do something. So, as you plan your videos, consider what the primary purpose is. What do you want your viewer to do after seeing your video? Sign up for your newsletter, buy your ebook, or buy a product or subscribe to a service? Focus on the ultimate goal when creating our explainer video and incorporate this in your call to action.


The good news is that you can do an explainer video now at a fraction of the cost of what it used to take to create one. Some choose to do one themselves with their own software and video camera. You can create your own storyboard and plan your message and produce your own content if you choose. But if you really want to make an impact, you might want to get us to help you!

If you would like help producing your video, our production team would love to help. Just reach out to us at: www.ripmediagroup.com. We love producing motion graphic animation, live action video, whiteboard animation/speed drawing animation, and helping people like you reach your goals.