The Power of Explainer Videos

Explainer Video

Almost everybody online has watched an explainer video. Despite this, however, a lot of my clients don’t seem to understand what they are or how they can best use them.

If a client’s focus lies in blog posts or other text-based media, they may not understand what an explainer video can do for them that text or images cannot. In fact, explainer videos are powerful tools, and nearly every company should think of using them.

Grab the Audience’s Attention

Blog posts and images are powerful tools, but an explainer video is engaging. They’re also short — most explainer videos clock in at about 2-3 minutes — so no one should feel like the video’s a commitment to watch.

And once the video’s started, no one should feel like it’s a chore to keep watching. An explainer video should be breezy, light, humorous or cute — and preferably some combination of these.

Explainer videos should also have high production quality. It’s almost always best to hire a professional company to make them, with a well-written script, charming graphics and excellent music and voiceover. The video should be like a little gem: polished, beautiful and complete in itself.

Present Valuable Information

But explainer videos shouldn’t just make viewers smile or feel uplifted. Their primary focus is to communicate information about your company, service or product.

Explainer videos should be clear and to the point, not didactic or preachy. One of the most common structures for explainer videos is to tell a story: present a problem, then show how a service or product will remedy that problem. Explain the product’s strengths in a way that’s helpful and knowledgeable, but never pushy.

How to Use Explainer Videos

Who can use explainer videos? Nearly everyone! Explainer videos are common on the homepage of startups, but they work equally well for social media accounts and crowdfunding campaigns.

Because explainer videos are educational and charming, they have a strong potential to go viral. Once you have a quality explainer video for your company, it’s worth spending part of your ad money to promote it on social media. You’ll introduce new clients to your company, and after that little push your charming, compelling video may take off in earnest.


As I said, nearly everybody knows and loves explainer videos, but a lot of companies don’t seem to understand their strengths. The fact is that nearly every client I speak to — from tiny startups to Fortune 500 conglomerates — could benefit from an explainer video. These polished, breezy, fun videos are a joy to watch and communicate essential information.