Why Publishers Love Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Digital publishers have found explainer videos to be a great asset. That’s because the people crave them – and what the people want, the people get! Alright, let’s get serious here. When consumers are on the move, ad revenue grows. This is a primary example of what explainer videos set out to do. Not only are you trying to increase sales, but you are also attempting to preserve your audience to ensure that they keep coming back for more. This is how you obtain your regular customers, all while branching out to new potential clients.

Remember that publishers make more of their money through ad revenue and subscriptions. Most people would naturally assume that the revenue comes directly from the sales of products, but this is not the case. Publishers know the value of placing explainer videos on their pages to increase traffic. When we say traffic, we mean the good kind of traffic, not the annoying 405 traffic!


One of the primary reasons publishers prefer explainer videos is because they are often based on a single topic broken down into further detail. This allows viewers to understand the overall message of the subject without having to dedicate too much time towards the video itself. For publishers, explainer videos are a great news source, enabling them to broadcast the more important aspects of their products or service that people need to follow. This increases their credibility with subscribers and viewers while allowing them to make more money on their investment.


The nature of video as a visual medium appeals to digital publishers tremendously. Wouldn’t you prefer to watch a video to reading text? It helps facilitate the learning process. We live in a digital world where learning from videos is becoming the norm of our society. It only makes sense for more and more businesses to start progressing towards video marketing. Simply put, it’s a growing trend that’s here to stay.

Digital publishers are acutely aware of how explainer videos can create more views and subscriptions, while aiding in increasing revenue dollars. They understand that even though the video might not be directly selling a product, it still allows an abundance of viewers to access the video which leads to a wider audience that slowly starts spreading into larger numbers.

Whether you are a publisher or a business owner, video sells! So maybe it’s time you start hanging out with the rest of the digital world. Explainer videos can be created in so many unique ways. It’s up to you to decide what type of video would best suit your needs. That’s where Rip Media Group comes into play!

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