Explainer Videos: Reviewing the Basics

Basics of Explainer Videos

Welcome, all newcomers to the explainer video world.  Your quest may have started with questions like: Are we trying to reach more customers but can’t seem to get them interested in our business?  Is our conversion page still not working? Are people searching and leaving the site in a short amount of time?  if you are getting ‘yes’ answers, then, yes it’s extremely likely that now is the right time to create an explainer video.

Explainer videos are a great way to capture your market’s audience without too much text or reading. Why is that? Put simply — people love visuals and a voice explaining the product better than having to read about it. If it’s done right, it can produce higher turnovers than regular advertising and writing.

Here are a few quick facts about why explainer videos work:

Attention Spans Are Short

In 2000, Microsoft Corporation held a study that determined the average human attention span was approximately twelve seconds. They repeated the same study in 2015 and found that our attention spans are now only eight seconds. Eight. According to Time Magazine, that’s shorter the attention span of a goldfish (which is nine seconds). With the “get in now” and “faster speed” internet mentality, I’m not surprised. It’s important to market to individuals who have lost the ability to be patient. Why? Because they’re your customers.

Explainer videos can be used for marketing in as little time as possible. That doesn’t mean have flashes of images and text on the screen that people won’t have time to read. But I’d like to stress the importance of not boring people. As long as you have an engaging story and captivating pitch, people will not be tempted to hit the back button. Did you know that the best explainer videos manage to get their point across in less than three minutes? Now, you know.

Explainer Videos Use Concise Language

Have you ever gotten confused by a conversation? Or, maybe you’ve stepped into a conversation and have no idea what anyone is talking about. Explainer videos should avoid the threat of miscommunication as much as humanly possible. When people understand something, they’ll know they can take advantage of it. With that logic, we can determine that communication can impact the number of views on your explainer video. Thus, good communication equals more views. And what do views translate into…? Yes, sales.

To be clear, that doesn’t mean the narrator of your whiteboard animation video should rush through a heavy-dialogue script. Rather, our experienced writers will draft an effective script for your explainer video. I want to emphasize the importance of being “effective.” Remember, I just went over why videos should be short. Clear communication doesn’t have to take hours to accomplish. We don’t have time to lose people’s attention. So, when you’re trying to introduce an idea, you must be clear, concise and quick. There is no time to waste.

While our hands-on writers will help you with your script, Rip Media directors will help determine the best look for your explainer video, which leads me to…

They Have a Specific Story

Let’s face it. It’s extremely difficult for companies to connect with a buyer by just using text flashing across a screen. Text is boring; people don’t like to take the time to read things anymore. With a video, you can inject color, voice, visual elements and character into your message. This means you can get the right style you need to reach out to your market. I prefer creating whiteboard animation videos whenever I’m making explainer videos. This type of video marketing is just like peacocking. You know, when male peacocks flaunt their feathers to attract females? Whiteboard animation attracts customers to your watch your video by using colors and designs that are uniquely designed for your project.

Why do many consumers prefer whiteboard animation videos as opposed to other types of explainer videos? We have found that they’re easiest to remember because good quality art and a good story are inherently memorable. Any business can compile graphics and turn them into a movie file full of statistics – as I always say: data strays, while stories stay, in memory banks. Potential customers are going to remember hand-drawn images because our brains are attracted to art and the human touch it takes to create it.  Clip-art, machine-drawn art, and reused art do not work as well as an original human created portrait.  I know that each of our professional artists at Rip Media really captures the essence of each of our client’s needs. Whiteboard animation videos keep your company in the thoughts of consumers.

Is whiteboard animation the only answer?  No.  But it typically has been the first inquiry for most of our phone calls.  Here is some further reading on different styles and when to tell what story.

They Have a Defined Purpose

Explainer videos are not just another pretty collage of moving pictures. They serve a purpose. Often times, people use explainer videos to educate people on a certain topic. YouTube is filled with whiteboard animation videos that help break down complicated issues (i.e. a scientific explanation, like our breast cancer research series) and make it simple for anyone to understand. The purpose of those types of explainer videos is to educate. Maybe yours is a little different. Yes, you want to explain the process of your service or product, but you also want to attract customers to your company. I’m with you 100%.

When you educate people, you empower people. In fact, research shows that education has the power to end poverty and transmittable diseases. Now, that’s powerful. People love learning in creative ways. Explainer videos draw the attention of potential customers; by learning about something you have or do, they want to learn more. You can even increase your following on social media.

In my blog, “Objections to Marketing with Whiteboard Animation Videos,” I explain how competition is tough. Now that you know the basics of explainer videos, it’s time to consider if you or your company is ready to take the next step. Producing a whiteboard animation video with all these qualities can dramatically increase your company’s sales. The secret is out—explainer videos and video marketing is one of the best tools in the industry and for good reason. They keep people’s attention, educate them about what your company has to offer, help you gain an internet following and turn into potential sales leads.

If you’re a business trying to expand and reach more customers, then you need to start by reaching out to some of the best video production companies around. Don’t know where to go? Why search elsewhere?  You can start right here with our award-winning team.

Remember, your story starts here!