Where do the best explainer videos start? The Idea Factory

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At the “IDEA FACTORY,” of course!


You know you need a video, but you’re not sure where to begin. You wouldn’t build a house without architectural plans and a solid foundation, would you? Similarly, with your important message, you’ll need a solid set of directions.

We are a results-based team that will deliver these plans, guiding your production every step of the way. Whether it’s a plan for the future or a video that is needed right now, you will be happy you started with the Idea Factory.


It starts with Discovery – where we dive deep and learn about your business and your goals. We then hold the idea generation sessions with our best team of creatives. After that, we consolidate the ideas into multiple storylines that we will pitch to your team. Once you find the direction you like, we will deliver the materials you need for success.

Rip Media Group’s creative team at work

The Idea Factory includes the following:

  • One, 60-90-min. Discovery Call with you and your team’s stakeholders.
  • A 3-4 hour brainstorming session with our creative team members (writers, producers, etc.).
  • A minimum of three-story concepts for you . . . usually, we create 7-10 and boil it down to the best to share with you.
  • A “pitch deck” / PDF treatment that will show you the story concepts we have developed as well as some preliminary visual ideas such as art, storyboards, etc.
  • An option of a “Video Branding Guideline” document that will include look/style/feel for your videos, or a script outline for your first story:
  • The guidelines will be useful for any videos your company makes in order to be consistent with your already-existing brand, your message, your target audience, etc. Whether you work with our team to create the videos or not, this will be a useful tool for the future messaging of your company.
  • A wireframe script will be used in conjunction with the treatment above to create a dynamic and engaging story. All that’s left is the production.

So you can have a look at what the process is like, I have attached some images of what we created for Ben and Jerry’s, the iconic ice cream brand.

Want to jump ahead and SEE THE TREATMENT? or WATCH THE VIDEO?

You can go to the ice cream factory, take the tour and see it… OR just click here 🙂

We had an amazing time working on this, and want to thank our partner in it, Mekanism. Their creativity and openness to ideas were wonderful. Overall thanks to Ben and Jerry for opening the door to us as well.
At Rip Media Group, ‘your story starts here’ at the Idea Factory.