Turning Motion Graphic Videos Into Motion Graphic Memories

Corcentric has been a client of Rip Media Group for a while now. About every six months or so, they come to Rip for a video or two to help them launch a new product or get the word out.  It’s a bit of a challenge only because the Corcentric business model can lend itself to “dry,” mundane or even complex subject matters. In this case, we’re talking about accounting software, invoicing, billing for very specific industries. 

It becomes a fun challenge for the folks at Rip Media Group to make that material exciting and make it interesting. So when the audience is watching the video, they’re not looking at and hearing just “accounting software,” they’re seeing themselves and how their world could be better! 

Corcentric has stuck gold with Rip Media Group even before they were Corcentric.  

Rip did a few videos for them when they were known as Ameriquest and had great success with them.  

One was still doing so well and evergreen content, that we updated the animation, their customer logos, and of course the name and logos, which you can see below:

It’s clear that Corcentric believes in the process.  The team at Rip brought their patented STUFF (that’s Sexy, Touching, Unique, Fear or Fun) to the storytelling process, and it clearly struck a nerve with the folks at Corcentric and their viewers. It was a new way to tell their story.  Until then, they had been relatively “dry” with their marketing and messaging. 

The Corcentric team was represented by three people who all had their particular message that they wanted to make sure were in the videos.  So the Rip Media Group team plugged into their patented Idea Factory to brainstorm on ideas. In the Idea Factory, the team learns everything about the client’s competitors, peers, how they appear in the industry, how they stand out, and then finds ways that they’re unique that they might not even realize. What they come out with is anywhere between 5 and 7 concepts.

When it comes time to pitch to any client, the team needs to make a key determination: what is the intended style for each video?  That was certainly the case for Corcentric.

In almost every case, the story tells them what the style is and what look they’re going to come up with. So if it’s more character based, more emotional or following a character or two, that typically leads to live action. And if there’s a healthy budget in place, they’ll hire actors or even follow real life characters through their journey. Sometimes that works out well even with whiteboard animation. 

However, when the focus is not on a particular person, motion graphic animation is usually the right call. Motion graphics could lend themselves to things as broad as cities or towns or the universe, or as minute as someone’s desk. But the idea is to bring things to life and keep them moving. 

For the series of videos that Rip did for Corcentric, motion graphic animation was the right call. They were able to tell the story very clearly and walk people through the customer journey. And that customer journey started with why Corcentric’s software was important and why the viewer would want to look further into what it is, and what Corcentric could do for them.

Motion graphics and a motion graphics based video carries the story and gets people interested through an elevated level of engagement.  The fact is that customers aren’t talking to the sales department anymore. There’s so much information online that they can search and do a lot of the initial leg work.  They watch videos and use them to call Sales to get more information. So the video that tells the best, most engaging story typically wins more clients. 

For Corcentric, motion graphic has worked perfectly and it fit into their branding, and the graphics could be manipulated to fit into their style guide. And that made for a very satisfied customer for Rip Media Group.

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