Why Your Explainer Video Needs Top-Notch Storytelling.

Why Explainer Videos Need Storytelling

You can spend millions on your explainer video and utilize the latest tech there is; but if you don’t have a strong story, it will most likely fall on deaf ears. And what happens to a less expensive video that has superior storytelling? That’s the one that will gain the most hits and calls to action. Wait, what?

That’s right. In order to make the audience engage with you, you have to spend some time thinking about the right way to go about doing it. And that doesn’t always mean the highest production values. It means having your explainer video connect directly with your consumer’s mind and heart.

Tech is a great thing; right now advertising is obsessed with cross-device tracking, viewability metrics, and data aggregators. But what does that all mean if no one’s watching your explainer video in the first place because it’s just no good? And we’re not talking production value (although that helps). We’re talking how you decide to tell your story. How many emotional buttons you press so your audience goes along on the ride with you. How you tell a compelling story that sums up your product, your business ethic, and how a consumer’s life will be better than it was before you came along.

Fantastic content doesn’t just have to come from network TV. With shows like “Transparent” and “Orange Is The New Black,” Amazon and Netflix have shown us that intelligent and unique storytelling has a huge audience (and wins many awards too). Neither show uses the latest technology to tell a story; they took an original idea and added compelling characters, each of whom had a great storyline. Together, those elements made something people couldn’t turn off.

Isn’t that what you want your explainer video to be?

Businesses need to concentrate far less on SEO and rankings (and devising ways to game each) and instead put their budgets and development into creating advertising that’s all about the best kind of storytelling. You want a video that grabs viewers and makes the m watch again and again. And here at Rip Media Group, your explainer video is in good hands. We make sure your story gets told – and in the best possible way too.