YouTube: First Home of the Explainer Video

Youtube Explainer Videos

Each day, millions of people sign in to YouTube to watch “explainer videos” on thousands of topics. The popular website began as a platform on which to watch amateur videos, such as those of the tsunami that struck Japan that winter. In the 19 months from its launch on February 14, 2005, to October 10, 2006, YouTube went from an inconspicuous start-up launch to a company worth (and sold to Google for) $1.7 billion. Why? The power of video.

Why Video Is So Successful

It Connects Humans to Humans

According to Dr. Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D., videos convey the four core elements of humanity through which most human communication takes place:

  •          The human face – The human brain is hardwired to gather data and information from human faces. Images of faces convey more information that the written word.
  •          The human voice – The brain is also hardwired to convert the sound of the voice into meaningful context.
  •          Motion grabs attention – As a species, humankind survived because early man spotted the movement of predators before those predators attacked. We are still attuned to respond almost immediately to visual signals.
  •          Body language reveals emotions – Humans want to connect with each other, and physical movement conveys that message.

It’s Easier to Watch Than to Read

Text will always be critical to comprehensive learning, but the act of reading engages an entirely different area of the brain than does watching a video. While reading, the brain works hard to connect the letter and word symbols within each sentence, and to make sense of the overarching context of the bigger piece. Processing the whole of the written work takes additional effort and requires a dedicated attention span.

Watching a video, on the other hand, is a passive activity. The brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of the information collected by the brain comes through the visual channel. Consequently, marketing information that includes faces, along with voices, movement and body language, can connect to the emotions of the viewer much easier than written text or a still image.

Explainer Videos Harness the Power of YouTube

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