The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

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a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.
“a good infographic is worth a thousand words”


A process of internet marketing that uses Google AdWords/AdSense advertising to target people who previously visited a company’s website (most of which did NOT make a purchase). Using site visitor information, product-specific advertisements for that company’s website are displayed for

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UPS commercial video

A video created and produced for the United Parcel Service using whiteboard animation to explain international shipping. See whiteboard animation

RSA style video

Also referred to whiteboard animation or video scribing. See video scribe.

Animation video flash

Videos created using such programs as Adobe Flash to create a type of animation (see motion animation) that is distributed in as an .swf file format. This animation style, compared with other animation processes, can appear simplistic or unpolished. An

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Video animation company

A company that creates and produces videos that are computer animated. This type of company may specialize in motion graphics, whiteboard animation, or other styles of video

Whiteboard animation studio

A professional location where whiteboard animation is produced; in a live action setting, the studio will contain lights, a camera and a whiteboard, all of which will contribute to the final product of a whiteboard animation video. See whiteboard animation

White board videos

Videos that are created using the process of whiteboard animation. See Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard video

A video created using the technology of whiteboard animation. See Whiteboard Animation

Corporate Animation

Animated videos for corporate viewers or potential buyers that amplify reality, facilitating the viewer to see what cannot normally be seen. The video can show long-term client benefits in a matter of seconds, convey a complicated idea as a single

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Motion animation

The process of moving individually framed images quickly across the screen so that the subject appears to move. See motion graphic animation.

Example of animation video:

Small production company

A production company that consists of a small core of employees and does not have major financial backing. This type of company specializes in smaller budget productions

Company videos

A video made for corporate companies either to be used as a training video or an explanation of the company and its services. See corporate video production

Corporate movie

A video that is specifically made for a corporate company. See Corporate Video