Promo video

A marketing and sales tool made to promote or educate consumers about a certain product or organization. This type of video is usually short, concise and gets straight to the point, running no longer than 15 minutes

Corporate video communications

A video that is made mainly for the use of a corporate company intended for the purpose for a corporate environment and for a targeted audience

Corporate film company

A company that produces and creates films tailored for corporate companies and their targeted audience

Corporate Filmmaking

The creation of videos for corporate clients, using different sources of media such as motion graphics, live action or whiteboard animation. See corporate videos

Production services company

A company that provides the full services of production. Phase 1 is the Development Phase, Phase 2 is The Production Phase, Phase 3 is the Post Production Phase and Phase 4 is the Social Media and Ongoing Marketing campaign. See

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Visual Effects Production

The post-production process of film and video creation, which applies computer generated imagery to footage, for a variety of results. For example, a project may require a spaceship in the sky or a volcano in the background of a scene;

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Maury Rogow

The founder of the interactive media company called Rip Media Group. See his bio at

Web video production

Creating videos that are designed to be specifically on certain web pages and websites. See also web video design and video production

Web video design

The process of creating video content for social media such as Twitter & Facebook and engaging in your target audience

Web page videos

A video produced to be viewed on the internet. Venues for these types of videos can be specific websites of companies or video sharing websites like Youtube.


The final outcome of video production. Videos can be created in a variety of styles, including motion graphics, live action or whiteboard animation. See video production

Social media marketing

The process of using social media websites to promote a client’s brand and products, which creates website traffic and attention to their product

Social marketing

A marketing campaign that is launched in a specific social online niche to promote and help attract customers and revenue for a product or company

Ripmedia Group

An interactive marketing company that helps companies grow and expand, using services such as corporate motion graphics, website optimization, and social marketing

Professional video production

The production of videos using different sources of media such as motion graphics, live action or whiteboard animation. See video production

Motion graphics website

An online source for a videos that were created using as motion graphics, a technology that uses moving graphic images and words

Motion graphics studio

A location for the process of motion graphics creation, using motion graphic software and technology. Software commonly used includes Adobe After Effects and Flash