Rip Media Group – Office Turtle Transformation (Hand-drawn Animation Explainer Video)

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NetApp, a world-class data storage and management corporation, came to Rip Media Group to help them design and build an innovative new ergonomic training and education station which includes several videos that will be deployed in dozens of their offices worldwide.

This first phase of the project entailed designing an interactive interface to help guide employees through the video series – enabling users to get to where they want quickly and with style. Additionally, we were tasked to produce a short video that presented the many ergonomic issues facing today’s modern office worker.

Rip Media put their most experienced producer on the project who immediately went to work. With our team of talented artists, we created a futuristic city that served to guide the user effortlessly and with a sense of fun. Then, our team got to work writing, designing and animating a colorful world of the future. In this world we reveal the simple way each of us can remain healthier throughout our workday.

The launch of their flagship installation went off without a hitch and received universal praise for both concept and execution. As a result of this resounding success, NetApp has placed orders for 2 more series of animated videos to be produced soon.

Production Company: Rip Media Group
Client: NetApp
Executive Producer: Maury Rogow
Creative Producer: Barry Silver




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