The Importance of Choosing an Animation Style

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Our recent work with the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation can help us understand why it’s crucial to pick an animation style. 

We’ve worked with Dr. Susan Love for the better part of 6 years now, so when they contacted us about making a series of 30 educational videos about breast cancer with several multilingual translations, we were happy to help. In fact, you can see the Spanish translation to one of these videos embedded above.

The videos we made for them needed to be warm and welcoming without downplaying the disease’s seriousness. 

It’s All Groovy Baby

Why do animation styles matter?

In short, your animation style sets the tone of your video. Your animation, effects, or typography is the first thing your audience sees. So, if your video opens with an alien, your message is usually techy, or SiFi inspired. If your video begins with a softer, 2D animation, your message is welcoming and safe as we did here.

We used a softer, 2D animation style to convey a serious message in a non-threatening and inviting way. 

An even better way to think about this is with the following quote. “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe 

Animation Styles Impact Their Surroundings

Dr. Susan Love was thrilled to have the videos that we created. These videos now live on their website after the non-profit rebranded itself. 

That brings us to another strong point of animation. Whether you use 2D animation, 3D animation, etc… the message that your video sends with the animation style it uses influences the perception of the content that surrounds it. 

In this case, the 2D animation styles we used helped create a public version of Dr. Susan Love that was open, caring, professional, and helpful. 

The Right Animation Style Never Goes Out of Fashion

Some videos get stale, tech goes out of date, and some trendy animation styles go out of vogue. Still, a good story paired with an animation style that you love will never go out of date. Think about the Super Bowl commercials you can always remember about or the hand animation in older Disney movies. 

Those images live on in your mind forever. As the great Giorgio Armani once said, “Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.”

Reach out to us about what animation style you should be using to tell your story. We’re Rip Media Group. Your story starts here.