The World of Kinetic Typography

The World of Kinetic Typography

The use of kinetic typography is gaining popularity in media today. Its utilized in many different ways within corporate videos to create engaging story elements for viewers to appreciate. Though this may be the case, the subject is not often talked about. We at Rip Media Group would like to change that. The RMG Team is a big fan of kinetic typography so lets get started and share with you some of the FAQs that often come across our desk. 

What is Kinetic Typography?

Simply put, kinetic typography refers to creating a range of motion with text. Animating text in various ways – like having them zip by the frame, or even fly, shrink and expand – are all common in the world of kinetic typography. Effects such as these can be short and simple, all the way to lengthy and elaborate. Kinetic typography is most commonly associated with video but this stylistic technique is also used for web-design and web pages. This just goes to show how versatile kinetic typography can truly be.

When should Kinetic Typography be used in your video?

The use of this element must be implemented for a reason. Simply put, there needs to be meaning in the exact moments kinetic typography is utilized. If a video has words flying all over the screen with no particular purpose, it likely will not end up as a successful form of distributable media.  This is precisely why its important to map out a story and within that story, define when key moments occur. Placing kinetic typography into this scenario will prove effective in captivating your audience. Rip Media Group is here to help you plan your story from top to bottom and we are well suited to help you figure out when to appropriately use kinetic typography.

What type of video will your Kinetic Typography be?

Alright, so now youre excited and ready to see your kinetic typography in action but first, you need to decide what type of video will it live in. Live action, motion graphic and whiteboard animation videos can all contain kinetic typography in their own way. If you cant decide on one, we can easily create a hybrid. We here at Rip Media Group have created hundreds of videos that satisfy our clienteles needs and goals more than effectively. It is important to understand which type of video would suit your message best. Tying in elements that back up your story will allow your video to stand out from so many others. Rip Media Group has a skilled team that is ready to help you decide which route you want to take. Using kinetic typography to enhance your brand will boost the authenticity of your video and services. So what are you waiting for? Lets get started…

If you would like help producing your video, our production team would love to help. Just reach out to us We love producing motion graphic animation, live action video, whiteboard animation/speed drawing animation, and helping people like you reach your goals.