11 Ways To Promote Your Explainer Video


Utilizing your explainer video properly can have amazing benefits for your brand. After polls, we have found that marketing videos can be a much bigger asset than you may realize. Not only will a video lengthen consumers’ time on your site and increase search rankings, but it will also decrease questions to your sales and customer service and save 20 hours per week. A marketing video will shorten sales cycles by up to 30%, and increase buyer conversion from 20% up to 300%. With all these benefits, you should be sure that you are taking advantage of all the ways that are available to promote your video.

1. Create a Landing Page with Keywords

If consumers liked the explainer video, they will want to learn more. Create a custom web page for YouTube or Vimeo viewers to ‘land’ on and learn more, or sign up for further information.

2. Create an InfoGraphic

Create supporting material for your video. InfoGraphics can give readers more detail about your content, and highlight the just-created images from the video, in a quick, easy-to-read format.

3. Syndicate Your Video

Find a company that will upload your video to multiple sites, and be sure to have an embed code ready for popular blogs, partner sites, and social sites. Issue a press release! Don’t let it be available in just one place.

4. Write Status Updates About the Video Content

Get social. The more ‘views’ your brand has, the more credibility you build. Help your well produced video build popularity by creating posts about particular lessons inside.

5. Post the Link on Other Sites

With relevant and compelling content, you should be welcomed by other site and blog owners. Post on other sites and add your video URL. Be open to feedback on forums to create conversation.

6. Comment on Other Videos with Your URL

Post on other videos with similar subjects, with your great headline, and your video URL. Don’t let them get lost on a homepage or unrelated area of your site.

7. Add Links in Your Email Signature

Does your entire company email signature have your new video link? You have just welcomed hundreds, or thousands of video views.

8. Share It with Prospects

With high quality video, your sales, business development, and marketing teams should be showing HD versions on laptops at trade shows, client meetings, and as a part of introduction letters.

9. Add It to Your Newsletter

Your monthly newsletter has how many subscribers? It’s time to share and be sure to turn on click-tracking to see how many people viewed the video.

10. Increase Website Conversions

With high quality video, you can shorten sales cycles by qualifying and educating prospects before they spend valuable time in the wrong area.

11. Review

Check all 10 steps to make sure you’ve covered every option for promoting your video, and contact us for any help you may need!

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