3 tips for video productions and increasing your brand awareness

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It has been a busy three weeks for Rip Media, we had a speaker at USC, trips to San Jose, Seattle, and San Francisco to meet with clients, film, and present our completed presentations.


Overall, the success our clients have with the video productions are wonderful.  By having some charitable and non-profit causes as clients, it is even more exciting.


In Seattle, we presented our motion graphic video – seen here

Alliance For Education: Fundraiser from maury rogow on Vimeo.

– to an audience of the two governor elects, press, and 1,000 of Seattle’s philanthropic society.  By many accounts and praise for the production team, it was a success.  The fundraiser brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars to better the school system.  Truly amazing, and we are proud to be a partner of such a fine cause as the Alliance for Education.

Lessons learned:

1.  Produce your video with a target audience in mind.  A video can go ‘viral’ once in 50 million tries.  It is better to create something you are proud of, that tells the story – the WHY – this is important.

2.  Create your video with a high quality production team.  You only have one chance to make a first impression, and video is an amazing way to increase interest and awareness.  In a recent study, 60% of executives responded that they prefer to watch video, than read a web page.

3.  Have collateral that backs up the video on hand, immediately, with a CTA- call to action.  If your video is good, it elicits action.  Take the time to create a full branding with the video as the main piece of the puzzle, and have your website, handouts, and an easy next step built in.


The Alliance for Education did each of these admirably with the motion graphic, live audience, the website that updated with the video immediately after it was shown, and a wonderful hand out with the same imagery from the video.
It is little wonder they are successfully helping our school system.

Glad to be a part of the team.




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