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There are so many great blogs out there for business and marketing, and we at RipMedia Group like to share our appreciation for new ideas whenever we find them.

Originally posted by, we stumbled upon an excellent blog about three really fun and innovative ways to hack into Google Spreadsheet and make your job as an online marketer easier.

Using some basic functions, scripts and URLs, the article shows you how to use Google Spreadsheet to scrape website data or count Facebook likes and shares. However, our favorite is the hack for RSS Feeds.

Here’s an excerpt of the article:

Using spreadsheets as an RSS reader provides a few huge benefits:

◦      Spreadsheets can arrange the news in tables (which saves plenty of time going through the updates).

◦      Spreadsheets have plenty of cool features built in (e.g., charts, color coding).

◦      Spreadsheets have plenty of scripts developed that can add some interesting data to your updates (we have already looked at some of them above).

You can read the full article here, where they go on to post a link to a ready-made document for you to edit for your own use. It’s all very handy stuff, and we suggest you check it out for yourself!

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