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It’s time to reach out. You have the concept, the product, and need to let the world know about it. How are you going to do it? Before you write a 1,000 word essay and send to your massive email list, take a moment and think visually.

Here are four good reasons to consider corporate motion graphics and whiteboard animation videos:

  1. Imagery Reinforces Words: Think about your 8h birthday party: the cake with the colorful frosting and plastic figurines on top…the presents in shiny wrapping paper stacked on the dining table…the awkward kids your mom invited over even though you never even played with them at recess. Can you see that?  Our minds have an active imagination, and we’ll find a way to place an image on top of the words we’re hearing. If the image is supplied to us, we won’t have to work overtime trying to focus on the words we’re being told.
  2. Find an Engaged Audience: A corporate animation video brings significance to keywords and concepts that your company is trying to sell, without supplying a virtual pillow to sleep on. The intent is to be engaging, while also being informative.
  3. Inspire With Your Product: Not only do you want to engage those interested, but you want to inspire them with your product. Highly effective storytelling can go a long way in building excitement for your company, as the anticipation and expectations of your product will certainly become higher. Which brings us to…
  4. ‘Sharability‘: This is where you get the real bang for your buck. If your video is interesting and done by the right people, then it will surely be shared –again and again, and hopefully again – and that is exactly what you want to happen. ‘Sharability’ should be the goal for every video you make, and motion graphics and animation will help get you there.

These are all good reasons, but I’m sure you can come up with more. Remember: business needs marketing, and marketing needs innovation.

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