5 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing Videos on YouTube

Content Torn Paper Concept

When you are planning to produce a video and focusing on optimizing your marketing videos, you should put the same amount of thought into it as you would if you were purchasing a million dollar ad campaign.  Why? The goal is the same: more views, more audience engagement, and more conversions.

Remember that “the more things change, the more they stay the same” In other words, we are not changing what we are doing—we are just using different tools to get there. The modern digital software for editing explainer videos fulfill the same purpose as the conventional television studio. Our equipment just got a lot smaller, more convenient, easier, and less expensive.

Optimization Techniques

When planning your optimization strategies though, think about optimizing in 5 different areas. All of these areas are equally important and, if done correctly, they will yield the same results as if you had spent $100,000 on an ad campaign on a major network. YouTube has over 500 million visitors per month to their site. These are real people looking for specific content and you can bring them to your site and increase your sales by focusing on these 5 areas:


This includes the title, description, and tags of your explainer videos or sales presentation. It involves the proper and skillful use of keywords, aligning the keywords with the most popular searches within your niche area, and optimizing the search results with the use of helpful information.

Start with a great title, which represents your video (and your brand) in the best light, and reflects your business in ways that attract visitors. The description should describe the most positive aspects of your business and products and will appear in search results and beneath the video as is plays in YouTube.

Tags are descriptive keywords that are matched to the searches people do. It is advisable to use the entire 120 character limit so that you may include enough information to get people interested in what you are about.

Remember also that your title, description, and tags all work together within YouTube and Google, so make them repeat somewhat, without being too redundant, and make them relevant.

Custom Thumbnails

Strong images compel the viewer to want to learn more. We are inherently visual. When we see something we like, we want to find out more.  Optimize your custom thumbnails and get the best results; make the picture high resolution, make sure it is clear and can be seen as easily in the small size as the large one, and create a custom thumbnail that reflects your brand. Remember as a business, you will want to always reflect your brand in the best way possible. Think of your custom thumbnail on your videos as a trademark or “mini marketing poster” for your business.


  •      Use visual cues.
  •      Make your thumbnails consistent with your branding.
  •      Make sure images are clear, in-focus, and high resolution.
  •      Include close-ups of faces to increase visual appeal.
  •      Make the image adequately represent the content.


YouTube allows the use of annotations which can be added as video overlays on top of your videos. This allows interactivity for your viewers by forming a second layer which is clickable. You can use annotations in explainer videos, to include a “call-to-action,” (CTA) to ask users to “like,” “comment,” or do something else. This type of direct interactivity increases the interest level of viewers—remember the online audience is different than the traditional viewer. We like to “do something.” Use the “spotlight annotation” feature on YouTube to make the annotations interactive in your YouTube videos and don’t forget the CTA, and to offer a link which will take viewers to your landing page.


The use of playlists has been shown to increase viewing time, allows users to engage more without much effort on their part, and increases audience interest.

Tip: When using YouTube playlists in video marketing, include a compelling title and description, and feature your playlists on the front of your channel so that more people will see it.

Channel Experience

Another important area you will want to focus on in your video marketing effort is the whole YouTube channel experience. This allows you to customize users’ video experiences by focusing on the following:

  •      Channel name
  •      Channel icon
  •      Description and art
  •      Social links
  •      Channel trailer video
  •      Curating your videos into sections
  •      Setting up in-video programming
  •      Adding other channels to promote

Whether you are doing explainer videos, sales promotions, or specific product sales, having all of these things in place will help you focus on the total user experience and help build interest in your brand.

Pulling It All Together

Remember that YouTube is a best friend when it comes to video marketing. YouTube allows you to build a digital presence with the use of the various hints described in this post. If you don’t know where to start, that’s where we come in.

If you would like help producing your video, our production team would love to help. Just reach out to us at: www.ripmediagroup.com.. We love producing motion graphic animation, live action video, whiteboard animation/speed drawing animation, and helping people like you reach your goals.