6 Big Opportunities with Google+ Hangouts on Air

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Google has lots of tools for business owners, which can help with your video marketing and branding. They have so many, in fact, that it’s easy to overlook some of them. Many can be highly advantageous for your business.

Google +HOA (Hangouts on Air) is one of these tools. This tool can be widely used in a variety of applications, including your branding video. It allows you to do a number of things:

  • Talk to and interview fellow business owners in your niche area or guests in whom your viewers will be interested.
  • It allows you to tell customers directly the things you want them to know about your business or brand.
  • It increases brand awareness by allowing you to have more interaction with your media online.
  • It has a “record” option so that you can record your interviews and videos in preparation for later broadcast.
  • It will upload straight to YouTube from your computer once recorded, to share your message on your YouTube channel without editing or fuss.
  • It even allows for “live events,” so that you can announce an event ahead of time, then have people join you via Google+ by special invitation through their Google Plus accounts.

So, now you know what Google Hangout can do. There are at least six ways you can use this tool to your advantage.

  1. Gathering and keeping customers. You can use this technology to create client testimonials for your products and services. Just like blogging does for the reader, interviews with satisfied customers goes a long way toward convincing others to try your offering. People like to hear from others. This is a great way to increase your brand awareness—by creating a branding video with client testimonials.
  2. Increase your credibility. By inviting established gurus in your niche area to participate in your hangouts, you can create increased credibility and respect for your brand and help build trust with your audience.
  3. Become a valuable resource. Google Hangouts also allows you an opportunity to teach your potential customers something new. Once you create a hangout, this will become a URL link which you can email to people or post on your website. Webinars and webcasts are becoming an important way that people gain information on topics they care about. You can also use this format to ask customers questions about your brand and how they’d like to see it improve. In this way, you could actually use your customers’ ideas as part of your branding video.
  4. Collaborate. Use Google HOA as a videoconferencing tool. You can access it on mobile devices as easily as desktops, which makes it available to everyone at any time with a Gmail account. You can broaden your clientele, collaborate with your creative team, and talk to distributors quickly and easily. Even showcase live online demos or use it to talk directly to your creative team to plan your next project. The possibilities are endless.
  5. Make money. You don’t have to be famous to run a paid HOA channel or event. Grow your customer base, promote and hype up upcoming hangouts and you’ll be surprised at how many will attend. Charge for the event via your website or social media. If you really want to create revenue for it, you can even offer paid ads for your Hangouts.
  6. Announcements. You can use Google HOAs to announce new additions, product launches, promotional events, and diversify your video marketing ideas. Once people know what to expect, they’ll be back for more. Create a “series effect” by telling them like they used to do on network TV … “be sure to tune in next time, folks!” This will keep the interest going and ensure many come back to see what you’ll do next.

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