6 Tips To A Successful Whiteboard Animation, Motion Graphic, or Live Video

Reminder: You need a call to action in every motion graphic animation video

Tips on how to use whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, and online video, to pre-launch your project.

Two weeks before I left for the Olympic in London, I was interviewed as part of a conversation about my book “SALES FORCE, The 4 most powerful social media and sales tools in the universe for your business”.

The organization that did the interview shared a draft with us, as they will be releasing the video in final format in the coming weeks.  It was quite a nice overview, and complimentary.  Have a read if you have a moment, the author was happy to have us share until his final version is ready.

—–Here it is——-

One of the most important of the new ‘social media’ tools is video marketing, and it’s also one of the most under-utilized. We know consumers are more likely to purchase if they able to not only read but and learn more about your product or service.

Video connects with more emotions than ordinary ad copy or a stagnant website. You now open yourself up to those who learn visually as we as via hearing. By connecting with more than one sense you’re creating a much more powerful emotional response, and that is before you add interesting ‘story’ elements.

Rip Media Group specializes in more advanced production of marketing Videos. From whiteboard animation, to corporate motion graphic animations and live video, they produce videos that make your product or service a star.  They then hand the project to a web team, which will even helps increase SEO rankings by adding proper keywords and drives more traffic to your site.

They suggest 6 tips to keep in mind when creating marketing videos:

1) Always include a ‘call to action’ in your video. If you ask for an action, interested consumers will respond.

2) Make your video titles and descriptions keyword rich to help them place higher on search engines.

3) Always include your full website URL in bold, easily readable letters in the video.

4) Focus.  If you try to squeeze too much content into 90 seconds you will lose your potential customers attention.  Focus on one thing, and describe it well.

5) Brevity. Short videos will always do better than long.  Remember, attention spans are shorter than ever.

6) Put your video prominently on your site. If you take the time to create an amazing whiteboard animation video, let the world see it by embedding it from YouTube or Vimeo so it can be easily shared and commented on.

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