An Advanced Marketing Analytics Cheat Sheet for CEO’s

Analytics Concept.

In order to be truly effective with your video marketing strategies, it is important to maximize your results by utilizing the analytics tools that are out there today. Let’s face it: it’s not enough to just create a marketing video or marketing campaign. You need to know how it is working every step of the way, and the more you know, the better.

Many companies are using their own databases to find this information and apply it to future video marketing strategies. But it seems that having your own database is not enough. Here are a few tips on how successful CEOs are using analytics in their marketing strategy which may also prove effective for your marketing video.


Like the credo taken by the medical profession, you should also consider implementing this idea into your own marketing strategies. This means finding real, practical methods that work for your business and then implementing them in ways that gives you the data you need. Don’t use high level scientific methods just to say you used them. Instead, use the analytics tools in the most pragmatic way possible so you get the kind of information you need to enable informed decision making.


When implementing any type of analytics system, make sure you employ the best technologies available today and in the future. You want your business to give the impression of a business that looks ahead, not behind. Utilize the software systems and analytics that will truly help your business move forward.


Complement your own data collection strategies with those of the biggest data providers, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. These companies have a wealth of information available to you on the aggregate of a growing global market.  When combined with your own data collection which is specific to your business, it promises to give you a unique advantage over your competition.


Most essential in any video marketing campaign is the act of tracing the entire purchase journey. How did the customer get to your site? How did they hear about your products or services? Do you have surveys in place which reveal this information? And, most importantly, what was the deciding factor in the purchase they made from you? All of this information is critical to your marketing strategy.


It is important to analyze the trends that are occurring around the world by starting at the top and moving down through the different verticals. This means studying what is happening at the market level, as well as the individual consumer level, in order to achieve the clearest insight into the entire sales process. This enables you to have a broad “big picture view” of what is going on with your marketing and helps you to find the best solutions moving forward.


To put all of this information together into a meaningful picture, you will want to use all the tools at your disposal to implement a tried and true method for gathering data about your business and your customers. This will help you draw conclusions on what works and what doesn’t, aggregating your data and taking the right actions at the right time. Planning your marketing video strategies in ways which complement these processes and information will help you implement the most reliable strategies today and in the future. This is not an easy task, but we can help.

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