Answer These Five Questions to Begin Your Video Marketing Campaign


Incorporating video content into your social media marketing campaign may be the best marketing decision you make this year, but where do you begin? What should your campaign look like? How do you turn the idea into a reality? Take the time to answer these five questions to begin your video marketing campaign and your video marketing strategy will quickly take form.

1. Who will benefit from your videos?

Decide who you are going to target with your videos. The target audience might change for each video you make (how-to videos for specific product users, broad overviews for the general public, internal training videos for new employees), so prioritize this audience when planning the videos. Adjust the tone and presentation based on what will likely appeal to those viewers.

2. What are the goals of your videos?

Think about what you want to accomplish with your videos. Most videos are intended to persuade viewers to take a certain course of action. Do you want your customers to use your product in a specific way? Create a step-by-step video to educate them. Are you training new employees? Shoot a video series that explains company policies and procedures.

3. How will your videos be made?

The size of your project, the size of your business, and your technological capabilities will combine to decide whether you shoot the videos through an in-house team or outsource them to a production company. Think about time and labor commitments, what equipment you would need, the knowledge of your existing employees, and the specifics of what you want your video to include/look like. Then decide what team—an in-house or a production—will best achieve your desired video.

4. Where will your videos be hosted?

Oftentimes cost is the deciding factor on where you host your videos. YouTube and Vimeo are excellent, wide-reaching, free hosting platforms; Wistia, BrightCove, VidYard, and Sprout are paid providers that offer additional qualities. Ask yourself about your priorities in cost, streaming quality, storage capacity, viewing context, and SEO to decide whether a free or a paid hosting platform is best for your business.

5. How will you measure your videos’ performances?

Use analysis services to see which key performance indicators (KPIs) indicate positive momentum around your videos. YouTube offers a free Analytics program that shows important insights into viewer behavior. Wistia, Ooyala, VidIQ, Vidyard, and Flimp offer further data analysis for a fee. But these analyses are most effective for videos with external audiences. Use a qualitative or quantitative measure specific to your business if the videos are internal communications (ex. Increased performance after job training videos).

Launching a video marketing campaign is a priority for many businesses this year, and by taking the time to consider your goals of the videos along with your logistical options, your video campaign will be coherent, cohesive, and compelling from the very beginning.