The Buyer’s Journey – How To Be Their Video Marketing Tour Guide Pt1

The Buyers Journey Part 1

I was walking along Hollywood Boulevard the other day, and as I looked down at the star’s names, I thought about the journey I was taking – from star to star to, eventually, my office to start working on more video productions. It’s quite a journey! But there’s another journey it put me in mind of; something all of us need to take – and that’s the buyer’s journey.

We all feel their pain: B2B clients (potential clients, that is) who need problem solving in a reliable, trustworthy, reasonably priced way. We know this pain because we’ve all felt it ourselves. Yes, we’re marketers, but we’re also consumers.

Each buyer is on a journey – and B2B clients find themselves on journeys that are slow. Typically, they last from three months to a year, but now cycles are starting to stretch out even longer. A paper from Forrester Research shows that some clients are waiting until they’re between 65% to 90% of their journey before talking to a vendor.

All we can do is try to be their tour guide – gently showing them so they can see and believe it themselves. According to the Annuitas Group, nurtured leads make purchases 47% larger than those who aren’t nurtured. And Forrester Research says that companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads – at a 33% lower cost! In this series, we’re going to look at ten tips you can implement to help nurture your leads and – most importantly,  get them to sign a check.

Make It Personal

There was a time where you’d put together one email and blast it out to everyone on your list; something like “Hey there! Check out this great video production we put together.” If you’re still doing that, you’re potentially torpedoing your prospective clients before they’ve even started their journey. You need to personalize every single email! The Aberdeen Group says that personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

But personalization is far more than putting someone’s name on an email. Buyers are looking for relevance; they want communications customized to their preferences, needs, work or place. One way to achieve this is to segment your email list. Use specific criteria like job title, location, size of business, lead source and industry.

Make sure the email service you use has the ability to segment lists and personalize messages. According to Gleanster Research, in the same way that personally targeted emails increase response rates, “relevant website content means more website traffic, longer website sessions and more frequent website visits.”

Use buyer information you glean from landing pages, such as: name, email address, occupation, size of business, etc., and you will be able to create an extremely personalized web experience. Don’t just send your video productions out to anyone. According to Sherpa, the Expert Institute’s email campaign featured double personalization, in that emails were addressed to an individual but also signed by the CEO. The resulting increases were not just double, but triple digit.

Here at Rip Media Group we want to provide you with a full video production service – and that means a blog that encompasses every part of the marketing spectrum. Contact us for a full consultation where we can determine what you need and what video works for you; whether it’s whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action. And remember – your story starts here!

And thanks to our friends at Act-On for helping us bring you this series.

Stay tuned for the second part of this series.