Connecting with Your Fans Using Visual Content Through Online Video

Visual Content Through Online Video

It’s late at night and you can’t sleep. You might be asking yourself, “How do you
capture the attention of visitors on your website?” Okay, maybe you’re not asking
yourself that. But you should! If you are trying to accomplish this with static web
pages, perhaps you need a new way of thinking. Visual content through video
marketing and online video is the single best way to communicate excellence
and expertise in the shortest time possible to engage customers. Videos add
value to your products and services allowing you to be more persuasive in
statements regarding your brand.

Pictures and videos are shared more often than static text pages or articles, and
they help you develop your social media following due to the sharing capabilities
of visual content. So now that you know it’s important to have great visual
content, how do you create content that you know will resonate with visitors?


1. Inspire an emotional reaction. One way to create this emotional response
is by telling a good story, one that resonates with your audience. For
example, Tom’s Shoes helps children who live in poverty. Their video
messages are emotionally stirring and show how they are helping these
children. As a result, their “ordinary” shoe ad includes a touching social
statement, and not just an appeal to viewers to buy their shoes. Talk about
drawing attention to a brand!

2. Be the “Go To” company for people’s needs or wants. Companies
which are able to provide a solution at a moment’s notice win customers
over many times. Oreo Cookie Company created a quick Tweet on Twitter
during the blackout at the 2013 Super Bowl. Their quick thinking (coupled
with the use of effective visual imagery) created a viral reaction, and users
retweeted it 15,000 times.

3. Gain trust with video demos. The key to gaining trust is to create a video
message that helps people with no strings attached. Demonstrating how to
do something proves beneficial on its own. In addition, clearly explaining
a concept in your video will make people think more highly of your brand
and your products. Skillfully using images and sounds can strengthen
your name recognition and helps raise the perceived value of what you’re

4. Inspire viewers to act. The underlying reason to incorporate video into
your marketing efforts is to inspire viewers to act. In marketing terms, this is
your “call to action” and should be included in every video you produce. Use
overlays, quotes, and audio tracks to urge your viewers to perform some
action after they watch your video.

5. Foster community through customer sharing. The Internet opens up
a world of possibilities for unlimited sharing.Tools like Instagram let you
share photos with subscribers and customers to keep your business on
their radar. Sharing videos and images inspires a sense of community and
encourages people to talk about your brand. And once you get the people
talking, you know you’re doing well.

Spend your advertising dollars in the places that produce the highest returns on
investment. Video is a proven tool that lets you go where your customers are
and what they want. Don’t skip on presenting your brand in the most engaging
way possible. Video is in, so be there, or be square. It’s time to invest into an
awesome video today!

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