The Evolution of Generosity Marketing and Three Trends Today

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What creates customer loyalty? Is a loyalty program enough to connect the consumer to your brand, or do you need a “song and dance” in your marketing plan to do it? The research supports the idea that the single most important factor you can achieve in order to create loyalty is excellent customer service, while some feel there are other tendancies driving this trend.

Giving away free stuff, such as the S & H Green Stamps program did in the 1960’s, where they included prizes in the Kellogg’s Corn Flakes boxes, which resulted in an increase in loyalty and sales. But, it was not enough to cement the bond between specific companies and consumers in the long run.


The need to attract customers, and to make them loyal, is more important than ever. Even with a great marketing plan, unfortunately, a recent study shows that only 25% of customers in the US are loyal to the brands they use, preferring to switch back and forth depending if they are hit with the right advertising. A book by Kevin Roberts reveals an even stranger connection: that customers are loyal to the brands they feel an emotional connection to. He referred to this in his book as “loyalty beyond reason.”

So what does this mean for your video marketing plan today and how can you leverage this to work for you?

Here are three tactics which, if used correctly, can result in an increase in loyalty for your company as you tie it in with your video marketing strategies:

1. Rewards for social engagement—Lancome recently launched a loyalty program which rewarded their fans on Facebook for participating in surveys and other activities. This allowed them to track shopping behaviors and other information. Additionally, it allowed its members to earn points for each dollar spent and for sharing products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. This technique amounts to a tactic that could be called “every man affiliate marketing.” It’s almost like a shareholders’ plan for online shoppers, where everyone shares in the sales, and thus the profits.

2. Instant gratification—Apple recently offered an iTunes gift card worth $25 for every Apple TV purchase made online.

3. Social halo—This brand of rewards offers to “give something back” to society or the environment. An example of this is TOMS, a charitable company mostly known for their shoe initiative, who announced a program to “turn coffee into drinking water.” They began to provide a day of clean water for those less fortunate when people bought their coffee.

Any or all of these maneuvers can be quite effective, when used in conjunction with a viable video marketing strategy. Once a reward plan is launched, you will need a promotional video with a great “call to action” which will tell customers how to take part in the program.
If you have a great rewards idea in mind and need an explainer video or marketing video done, we can help you create hype for your plan and get it working for you.

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