Five Key Advantages of Internet Video Marketing

Five Key Advantages of Internet Video Marketing

Internet video marketing is the newest and “hippest” thing out there. No seriously, all the cool kids are doing it! But what a lot of these cool kids have come to realize is that using video marketing through the internet can be quite a challenge. Such a strategy to branding oneself isn’t all that easy, but there are some steps and tips we can offer to help you get starting. It will only cost a monthly subscription of $300…just kidding! All the advicee we have to offer is FREE! Because we’re awesome like that. If you’d like to master video marketing through the internet then get cozy and keep reading! Here are the 5 key steps to building a successful video marketing campaign.


Internet video marketing has many advantages to promote your brand while engaging customers.

  1. Awareness and Identity – Video marketing on the Internet lets you get in front of potential customers with moving pictures, which is the next best thing to actually being there. One of the challenges businesses face online is that they don’t have a “face,” but studies show that businesses which talk directly to customers have greater name recognition and stronger customer loyalty as well.
  2. Impact – Video allows you to capture your visitors’ attention much more effectively than you could with just text alone. This is not to say that you have to quit using text or blog content. It’s actually quite the contrary. You still need a blog and written content, but you need to enhance it with video and media so that people can visually see what you’re talking about in addition to reading.
  3. Emotional Connection – Video creates an emotional connection with clients. Viewers can hear your sincerity and passion which contributes to the genuineness of your brand and increases the level of trust among customers. It can create a positive feeling for your company that you may not be able to accomplish with text alone.
  4. Increased Search Engine Visibility – Video content increases your search engine results and relevance of your website content. Cross-linking your videos with your main site and blog communicates that your site is relevant and important to Google, increasing your views.
  5. More Conversions – It’s a fact that video helps convert visitors into customers and buyers up to 64% of the time. This is significant, and serves as solid evidence that you can control your revenue by simply having a great and engaging video on your site.

Video has always been important, but over 40 million households have dropped daytime TV on traditional media in favor of Internet and satellite platforms. Noticing a trend here? Many other important media companies have gone online with their content. Businesses are following suit, because they know the power of Internet video marketing and the importance of being available to mobile viewers. So what are you waiting for? Get going today!

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