The Hottest Tips & Trends In Video Marketing

Tips and Trends for Video Marketing

I’m always studying up on the latest trends in video marketing, and recently I came across some stats that I’d like to share with you. If you’re working in brand development or marketing, then you really need to know this stuff because it affects your company’s bottom line. Essentially, it all boils down to this: you need to be creating more video! I’m sure you’re not surprised to read that because I’ve said it before and you know I’ll say it again, but the facts don’t lie. You absolutely need to incorporate video production into your marketing plan. It doesn’t matter if it’s whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action – you need to have a video up on your website!

Here are some video marketing tips and trends I’ve collected to aid you in creating an effective video production:

Live Streaming Video

According to Michael Stelzner, the President of Social Media Examiner, 50% of marketers plan to begin utilizing live streaming video productions in their marketing plans, 36% want to learn more about it, and 14% are already using it.  You should look at platforms like YouTube live, Facebook live and Snapchat. You can also test live-streaming within your Facebook timeline to gauge which formats work best for your marketing needs.

Facebook Video

Let me start this off with some stats:

  • 73% of marketers are increasing the use of Facebook as a platform
  • 21% of them say it’s their primary means of content marketing
  • 67% are going to increase Facebook marketing this year.

So where do you go with this? Begin establishing relationships with creators/influencers across different social media platforms and ask them to share your videos. These influencers will connect you with a broader audience and can help increase your client base.

Video Analytics

One of the great things about Facebook and YouTube as platforms is their ability to give you analytics of who’s watching your videos. The key elements of what your analytics can deliver are the following:

  • Average view duration
  • Sound on
  • Sound off
  • Clicked YouTube Cards
  • Clicked annotations

Access to these analytics means you should use them! The amount of time each viewer spends watching your video production, and how many views you get, are numbers that can help you determine the effectiveness of your video’s content.

Thumbnailed It!

The thumbnail – and the title – are both key elements of getting people to click on your video to begin with. In fact, Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators says that, “Winning The Click” (as it’s called) is what you should be doing right at the top. Tim stresses that you should carefully plan and choose a thumbnail even before you finish editing your video production. He also adds that titles need to be related to the content, but unconventional enough to be noticed.

So, there are some key tips and trends that video marketers are using. Use them yourself and by all means reach out to us for a full consultation if you need any help. We do it all; whiteboard animation, motion graphics, live action and everything in between. Remember – your story starts here!