How to Make a Viral Corporate Video – Part 1: Viewership & Buzz

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How to Make a Viral Corporate Video – Part 1: Viewership & Buzz

“Going viral” is the new yardstick for measuring the popularity of a piece of web content. Most commonly used in reference to online videos, it describes a curious grassroots phenomenon that combines the power of content with the reach of social media communities. A video is considered viral when it has reached certain thresholds related to the following four factors: views, buzz, parody and longevity. While “going viral” is a difficult formula to master (and almost impossible to predict), the resultant viewership and exposure makes it worth considering in the production of a corporate video.

Amassing Views

In the past, a video would have been considered viral if it had garnered, at minimum, several hundred thousand views. As online trends have changed and audience increased, that base has been revised to a million or more. While exact estimates vary, most sources agree that a viral video will receive huge numbers of views in a very short period of time. Think about how you can emulate this when developing the content for your corporate video. What is your appeal? Is your video going to be funny, adorable, or maybe just plain weird?

Building Buzz

Views are directly related to – and dependent on – the buzz surrounding your video. Even if you have great content, your video is unlikely to gain viral exposure without the help of social media sharing. Getting posted on blogs and forums, Facebook and Twitter immediately exposes your video to a broader audience and, more importantly, inspires conversation. The degree to which your video is discussed on- and offline directly influences its chances of going viral, and in corporate video production, this can directly affect your bottom line.

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