How to Make a Viral Corporate Video – Part 2: Parody & Longevity


How to Make a Viral Corporate Video – Part 2: Parody & Longevity

Even if you don’t regularly peruse Reddit or commune with the millions on Facebook or Twitter, if you are reading this you have probably seen a viral video. From “Charlie bit my finger” to “Double Rainbow,” the phenomenon of the viral video – and the aspects that define it – are worth considering when producing your own corporate video.

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed how amassing views and building buzz both on- and offline are instrumental to garnering the kind of attention your video needs to go viral. In Part 2, we will explore two more markers of a video’s popularity: parodies and longevity.

Parodies and Response Videos

From parodies and imitations to “chopped-and-screwed” or auto-tune remixes, response videos tend to both feed off of and contribute back to the popularity of the original video. In some cases, they can even eclipse it. During your corporate video production, think about your content through this lens: Is your video easily parodied? Does it lend itself to being re-edited?

Hype and Longevity

While both terms express a video’s popularity, an important distinction must be made. Hype refers to the level of exposure, attention and excitement surrounding a video during the immediate time period after going viral, while longevity refers to its lasting impact on the public’s memory. You want your corporate video to achieve both. Aim to generate hype upon its release, but make sure your content can stand the test of time. A big part of going viral is staying relevant for months and years after release. The longer your corporate video is shared, discussed and viewed, the more exposure it receives. And with digital content, that is the ultimate goal.

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