Location, location, Linsanity.

When Jeremy Lin burst into relevance with the New York Knicks only a few weeks ago, fans went wild. Headlines went crazy. New York was collectively “Linsane”.

“Linsanity” affected more than the fans – it affected the marketplace. His jersey became the highest-sold in the NBA. Websites and social media have exploded since his rise to stardom. Filling a void left by Yao Ming, Asian fans from home and abroad suddenly have a new favorite basketball player. Popularity means business, and lately, Jeremy Lin has been a marketing giant.

There’s no question he deserves his fame and praise through the world right now. Yet,  questions have been raised on whether or not he would have excelled in a different team environment or in a different coaching scheme.

But, from a marketing perspective, there is a more intriguing question to ask:  if Jeremy Lin had played anywhere but New York, would “Linsanity” have happened at all?

How much difference does it make to play under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden, among the celebrity fans and the media circus in the largest city in the country? If he had played above the border for the Toronto Raptors, where the Canadian and European market seems to buoy the franchise more than the fans in the U.S., would the same events have happened? What if he played in the small markets of Memphis or New Orleans? If location may have played a difference, what about timing? If Yao Ming recovers from his foot injuries and continues his playing career at a high level, does this change Lin’s market value today?

Of course, these are all what-ifs that don’t have anything to do with Jeremy Lin’s abilities and skills as a basketball player. However, these questions do illuminate how much timing and location can have a profound effect on success.

Here at RipMedia Group, Lin’s rise in stardom can easily be a metaphor for a company or an entrepreneur navigating his or her career. As an entrepreneur, you must be prepared to perform on the big stage when the time comes, but you can use marketing savvy to your advantage and capitalize on the factors Jeremy Lin couldn’t control. Knowing the right time to jump in and understanding the best market for your efforts will be key to maximizing your potential for success.

Jeremy Lin proved what happens when the stars align for both

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