Marketers Get On-board the Offline-to-Online Data Train

Online and Offline

One of the most important (and often missing components) to online video marketing, and other types of marketing, is bringing offline data into the mix. Google, AOL, and Acxiom have recently taken advantage of this. They see it as an opportunity to add onto their already mind-boggling company bottom lines, by acquiring companies which focus on offline consumer data as a tool for online marketing. This process is known as “onboarding.”

It seems that, in the past, the offline world and the online world seemed to exist separately and “never the twain did meet.” Recently, however, these big companies made it known that they believed having offline data was the missing piece of the marketing puzzle.

These acquisitions, and the success of the merging of the offline and online worlds, are helping the big name companies to understand the real impetus driving sales and marketing on the web. In May of this year, Google purchased Adometry, a company that focuses on in-store transaction data to measure digital marketing campaigns. AOL purchased Convertro shortly thereafter, and Acxiom bought LiveRamp soon after.

We can often tell what the overall market will do based on such media and technology giants as these. So, if the current trend is any indication, it is clear that the link between online and offline companies is critical to the outcome of the marketing strategies.

The Link Works Both Ways

Not only is it important to understand the importance of encouraging online sales in the landline stores, but it also works the other way around. Many in-store purchases are driven by online digital ads and coupons as well. This indicates that correlating the online/offline strategy is just as important to the well-being of real world stores as real world ads which lead to online purchases.

Where Video Marketing Comes In

When planning your video marketing campaign, you will want to bear in mind what these companies are finding out by merging the two entities of offline and online marketing. In one survey, it was noted that 14% of sales were attributable to digital ads regarding in-store purchases. This bumped up online sales, as well as in-store purchases. This shows that a strategically placed video marketing campaign online, when merged with a well-planned offline ad strategy, results in better sales for both online and offline businesses.

The key to success is integration, a pooling together of the best of both worlds, so they complement each other to help both modes be successful. As time goes on, no doubt, we will see more and more companies employ this strategy to help the businesses grow and flourish, both on and off the internet.

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