Why Marketers Are In Love with Instagram and Pinterest

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Why do marketers like Instagram and Pinterest so much when planning their video marketing strategies? The main reason is the exposure, of course. Don’t think of Instagram and Pinterest as solely for personal accounts, they can also be used to your business benefit.

The Stats

In a recent poll by Social Media Examiner in this year’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 3,000 video marketers said they value social media marketing, especially video and other visual marketing, more highly than ever before. In short, social media marketing is becoming more and more prevalent.

Also, 92% of marketers indicated that social media is a necessary and essential tool in their video marketing strategies, and that they were planning to use visual content on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. The emphasis was on creating original videos to draw people in and to shift their strategies to focus on video and visual mediums.

You’ve probably already heard that making the switch to video and visual marketing is crucial, but what about choosing platforms for these videos that will obtain more reach and different viewers? Although they are important, there is more to social media marketing than simply Facebook and Twitter.

Online Media Facts and Stats That You Should Be Familiar With

  1. Interest in visual marketing increases with usage; the more familiar you are with marketing and social media, the more likely you are to opt for visual media outlets. For example, marketers with less than a year of experience with social media marketing choose Facebook as their number one choice of platforms. Their more experienced marketing peers (those who have two or more years experience) always chose YouTube as a crucial platform to use at 62%, Instagram at 25%, and Pinterest at 45%. As marketers gain more experience, they realize the importance of both the visual media as well as utilizing the most popular visual platforms like YouTube in order to increase traffic and conversion. They also realize how this all works together in the marketing process.
  2. The more marketing specialists work in social media, the more they realize they need the visual platforms to work together for an effective ad campaign. Marketers who invest more than 40 hours per week on social media focus more on Instagram (46% more), YouTube (38% more), and Pinterest (37% more) than those only spending around 6 hours per week on social platforms.
  3. B2C markets are more focused on the visual medium than B2B counterparts. This means that businesses which focus on direct consumer interests and feedback realize how much time consumers are spending with the visual medium and that to make the greatest impact, they must be there too.
  4. Marketers are focused on increased visual marketing in the future. In a recent poll, it was found that 67% of video marketing strategists and businesses plan to increase their YouTube and Pinterest marketing efforts in the near future.
  5. Forty-two percent plan to increase their Instagram use (up from 38% in 2013), and more than a third of marketers (35%) plan on increasing short video service use with services such as Vine to reach the masses.
  6. Videos and other visual medium will grow in the coming years. The strategies will also turn to the use of more original videos representing their brands as well. Infographics and memes are a key part of most video marketing plans in the coming months with up to 70% planning to increase their use of the visual media.
  7. Marketers are craving knowledge on video creation. With this upward trend toward creating original video media to market themselves, marketers want to learn more about creating visual products. When asked what video marketing specialists wanted most to learn about in 2014, 68% said the focus should be on creating visual assets (such as infographics, illustrations, visuals, etc.) to enhance their marketing, while 60% said they wanted to learn how to produce original videos.

These statistics indicate a strong upward trend with smart video marketers realizing the impact such visual media is having directly on consumers. They see the importance of such platforms as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest and how they can be used in conjunction with social media like Facebook and Twitter, to create the ultimate video marketing strategy.

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