Marketing and Facebook’s All-Video Future (Part 2)

Marketing and Facebook

In the first part of this series, we talked about how, according to Facebook executive Nicola Mendelsohn, the social media network could become an all-video platform in as soon as five years. If that prediction comes true, it would certainly change video marketing forever. Mendelsohn is also enthusiastic about the idea of virtual reality experiences and 360-degree videos taking hold on this website.

It might be hard to picture your Facebook page without text updates, but these days, technological changes can be dizzyingly fast.

How All-Video Social Media Will Affect Your Company

It will soon be vital for businesses of all sizes to prioritize their video content well above all other marketing efforts. Even now, when you’re beginning to conceptualize a new product or service, you should be thinking about how best to advertise it in a short online video.

In just a few years, every businessperson will need to be prepared at a second’s notice to whip out a phone and capture a funny incident or a compelling behind-the-scenes moment. Many of those clips can be edited and combined to create irresistible videos.

In an all-video social media world, everyone in your organization should feel free to take videos during their workdays and submit them to your marketing department for review. That way, your team will always have a wealth of enthralling options to choose from.

To accomplish this, offering video training to all of your employees will be helpful. That way, you’ll get videos that are up to Steven Spielberg’s standards ― or, at the very least, the cameras will be in focus.

How Will All-Video Facebook Change Marketing Strategy?

Not long from now, recorded corporate lectures, panel discussions and the like should fall drastically out of favor. Internet users’ time will be more precious than ever ― there will be countless videos to watch, after all. Thus, people will expect crisp clips that get right to the point. Those videos will also need to be highly entertaining while still being informative.

Do all of those requirements sound like a tall order? Fortunately, our company is staffed with master communicators and visual storytellers. We can craft precisely the kinds of videos that will be all the rage in the future. Remember, your story starts here!