Marketing and the Summer Slump

Marketing and the Summer Slump

When the temperature starts to rise, productivity can really take a dive. There are a number of reasons this can happen, and for marketing teams who still have to keep momentum for their clients and maintain the same levels of productivity all year round, this can pose a problem. However, there are ways to get over the summer slump and keep it business as usual. It just needs a little creative thinking!

Summertime Distractions

When the sun is shining on the other side of the window it’s natural to want to be out there soaking up some rays, enjoying time with friends and being anywhere but stuck at the office desk. The summer months can be a very distracting time with more and more workers opting for outdoor lunches and even leaving the office earlier than normal to enjoy the sunshine. However, for those left behind who have to pick up the slack, the summer can seem anything but enjoyable.

The Importance of Marketing Momentum

If you remember your physics classes at school you may remember the class on movement and how it takes a lot of force to get something moving, but that it will gradually slow down with less and less force applied. The same is true with marketing. Just a few weeks of neglect during the summer months could mean your marketing campaigns come to a standstill, or at best a rolling stop. Rain or shine, marketing needs careful nurturing and constant force to maintain momentum and the best returns.

Of course, when the temperature soars, vacation time comes around and those summer distractions start to affect productivity, it can be difficult to maintain the same pace. That is why it is important to plan ahead so that you can be ready for the summer slump when it hits.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare:

  •  Plan your marketing calendar in advance so that everybody knows what they are doing and when. This will also make it easier for staff to arrange vacations.
  •  Hold regular catch up meetings (they don’t have to be long!) to ensure everybody is on schedule with their tasks.
  •  Promote seasonal offers to customers. Use a range of different marketing mediums such as engaging video that people can watch when they are out and about, and targeted email campaigns.

Beating the Slump All Year Round

Every business, whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, will experience a slump at some point. The trick is knowing how to overcome these quieter times. Let us help keep you moving, Rip Media Group, your story starts here!