Is Your Marketing Video Nailing It?

Is Your Marketing Video Nailing It?

Sitting in a Starbucks recently, I looked around the small sea of faces who were buried in their smartphones or laptops, watching video productions. It was cool to see everyone so involved – but it made me realize that a lot of people in marketing aren’t entirely sure those faces are watching their own video. How do you tell?  Let me finish the last of this hot chocolate and I’ll tell you…

Ahhh. There. Done.  So how do you know if your video production is working? You may have made a whiteboard animation, a live action video or a motion graphics piece – they all look great, but are people watching them? It’s very simple, really. Here’s how you can check in 4 easy steps:

Website Time Increase

How long are people spending on your website? If you checked before you added the video, you’ll have a better idea now if you check again and see if it’s increased. But if you don’t have a mark to check it by, get this; the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Having a video on your homepage helps keep visitors there longer which both grows their engagement with your product as well as their recognition of your brand. And here’s another amazing fact, the average viewer’s retention of information found in a video production is 68% compared to 10% of people just reading text.

Video Analytics

You should also check how many people are watching your video and, of course, how long they’re watching it for.  Ensure that the average time that people spend viewing your video production isn’t the same as the time spent on your website. That means that people are leaving your website the moment they lose interest in the video. Try including a call-to-action in your video too – that will give the viewer more opportunities to stick around.

Website Page Views

Tracking how many page-views your site garners pays off too because it shows how engaged the viewer is with your brand. A good video production – be it whiteboard animation, live action or motion graphics – should connect with the viewer. That viewer should then be inclined to engage more with your website. Having other videos on other pages will help keep people engaged with your site longer  too.

Sales Increase

If your conversions are increasing, your video production is doing its job for you! A measurable action taken by the viewer is all you need to figure this one out.

So there you go! You don’t have to stare at people’s faces in a coffee shop to figure out whether they’re watching your video production; your website and sales stats should give you a pretty good indication. If you don’t have a video production on your website, what are you waiting for?! Contact us for a full consultation and remember – your story starts here!