“Now we have a great corporate motion graphic animation, a whiteboard animation, with a great story…how do I get views?”

“Now we have a great corporate motion graphic animation, a whiteboard animation, with a great story…how do I get views?”

It’s usually the second question we are asked.  And, we are happy to help…

The first step is to make the video compelling and interesting.  One of the reasons companies choose Rip Media is we take a lot of time to find the target audience, and build the right story.  We target niche audiences, not the mass market.  I would rather pull in 600 buyers for a client, than 100,000 non interested viewers. Isn’t that really the goal?

Once you have the best story, be it inside of a whiteboard animation, motion graphic animation, or even live video production, it is time to put it online.

Lets talk ‘title’ this week.

One important aspect of getting attention for your promotional video needs is the title that you give it.  A well produced video will get a higher ranking in the search engines, more visitors and, if done well, could help the popularity, which would boost views. It may also bring in potential buyers and increase revenues, which is why you made it in the first place.

Not only will it help for SEO purposes but also it can and should attract people by way of its compelling nature.  An exciting, thought provoking title will attract viewers over a dull title any day.

With that in mind here are a number of excellent Tips that you can use when it comes time to give your new video that all-important title.

Tip 1 – Never make the title deceptive. If you use a title just for the attractive value it holds without regard to the actual content you will not only have viewers clicking away in a hurry but they’ll leave negative feedback too.  The title must tell them what the content will be without deception and without being confusing.

Tip 2 – Experiment with different titles. If you’re going to be producing several videos you may want to go for a descriptive title that evokes an emotional response before going with one that is purely SEO rich. The fact is, you can always go back later and re-title your videos as you see fit after they have gotten a few (or hopefully many) views.  While experimenting make sure to keep detailed notes of what worked and what didn’t for future reference.

Tip 3 – Keep abreast of current events and use them to your advantage. This works well for older videos that have been ’out there’ for a while. If, for example, you sell Manola Blanik shoes and a new ‘Sex and the City’ movie is released you can easily tie that in with a new video title and get a load of new views on your older videos.

Tip 4 – Keep your titles short. Did you know that only about 50 to 60 characters of your title are actually seen on a search page?  If one of your best words is towards the end of a 90-character title it won’t even be seen.  Keep titles short to avoid this, and put the most valuable words up front so that they aren’t wasted.

Tip 5 – Add the text of your video on your website, and in the description area so that Google and YouTube’s readers can find your keywords. This will help your ranking on their search engines and boost visits.

Tip 6 -Add embed code to your site, with the video uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or another top video host.  These sites make sharing easy, and, are built to host video files.  Your site may, or may not, have the ability to handle video well.  No need to risk it, utilize accounts on the amazing sites that were built for video.  (If you do not know how, give us a ring.)

There are many, many, more ways, but this is a good second step.

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