Rip Media Group Presents Key Research Insights for B2B Marketers

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Rip Media Group isn’t just a professional live action production company. We scour the web for information that can help your overall marketing strategies – and today we’re presenting a report about key insights. Earlier this year, Adobe along with Econsultancy polled over 800 global B2B digital marketing professionals, so they could assess B2B digital marketing and its three key elements: priorities, trends and challenges.

They first examined B2B vs B2C and found that despite converging marketing tactics, they still had a major divergence. That came in the answer to the question “Which one area is the single-most exciting area of opportunity for your organization in 2015?” The B2B folk were a lot more focused on content marketing than their B2C counterparts. Which, by the way, is another great reason to bring Rip Media Group on board to make your whiteboard video or whiteboard animation!

So looking ahead B2B marketers project that in the next five years elements like customer experience, personalization and big data will offer the biggest opportunities. So while content marketing will still be important, the practice will not require the same level of focus, as it will have become a core-competency.

Assumptions for the future include 1) B2B marketers pressured to change their focus to customer experience and personalization. and 2) Mobile coming to the forefront, as adoption of smart phones to search, research and purchase is no longer limited to consumers.

In fact, research shows:
• 42 percent of B2B searches are done on mobile devices and the number of key searches B2B buyers make when researching a product or service doubled from six searches in 2012 to 12 searches in 2014.
• 34 percent of people involved in the B2B buying decisions in 2014 used their mobile devices across each stage of the purchase, up from 18 percent in 2012.

As you can see, creating a superior mobile site for B2B users is becoming table stakes for B2B marketers, and so the study sees an increased focus on creating mobile websites and mobile apps. That’s something Rip Media Group does brilliantly! Our graphic animation coupled with our abilities to bring you speed drawing, whiteboard animation videos, and professional live action production makes us a one stop shop for all your video marketing needs.

The report also showed major differences between some of the key B2B subsectors (manufacturing, healthcare and pharma, technology and professional services) around the topic of big data.

Take the manufacturing sector; it diverges strongly on this topic. Only 27% of manufacturing respondents felt they had a good infrastructure in place to collect any data needed. But we also find other sectors are 3 times more likely than manufacturing to select big data as the single biggest opportunity in five years. This might run opposite to what you’re thinking  This finding is somewhat counterintuitive to what one might expect, given all of the discussion on IoT and how manufacturing industries are poised to extend their first mover status in collecting and interpreting the data from “things.”

You can download the entire report here.

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