The Secret To A Successful Marketing Video

Secret to a Successful Marketing Video

If you were to go back in time – say 10 years – and tell yourself that online video was going to be stratospheric, the old you might have laughed. After all, back then we were used to buffering, pixelated video that took the best side of forever to download. But times have changed – and boy, have they – with current online video viewing figures reaching well into the billions every single day. On mobile alone, the average time spent watching videos is forty minutes a day – and that number is growing all the time.

If the law of supply and demand is to be examined, you’ll see that not only are we obsessed with watching videos, we’re just as obsessed with making them.  One report shows that 300 hours worth of video productions are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. To put that into even crazier perspective, if you were going to watch just one day’s worth of new YouTube videos, it would take you forty nine years. And that’s without taking a break!!!

If that’s not enough to blow your mind, let’s push it over the edge with one more fact; YouTube only accounts for approximately 60% of online videos.  I think we need a moment to take that in; I know I do!

But have you stopped to wonder exactly why we’re all so obsessed with watching videos online?

Some people believe it’s down to our basest survival instincts. They say that back when we didn’t have the Internet – yes, that long ago! – we were hunting for food to survive. And by having to spot the animals that we needed to eat, we developed a rather amazing way of looking for things. And by that, we mean looking for moving things.  Like…video!

So what does that mean for business – and a business like yours? Well, for starters it means that because we’re so in love with watching video productions, they’re no longer really a choice you can afford to leave out of your marketing plans. Research shows that moving pictures make a far greater impression on us than text or static pictures.  There are also studies that show that we have a greater ability to understand moving images than stationary ones.

If you don’t have a marketing video in your marketing repertoire yet, it’s time to get one! And Rip Media Group is your one stop shop to help make that happen. And if you do have a video – then you know we’re right as I’m sure your conversion rates show the proof is in the pudding!

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